The Code of the Oracle

Unlock your intuitive gifts and higher abundance by becoming a guide for others on their Ascension path  


“"If you want to discover more about your Soul’s journey in this lifetime and to enable others to do the same, then Ariella Indigo’s Code of the Oracle Certification training is for you." -Marian  


Hi, I’m Ariella Indigo and I’m an Oracle, Mentor and Ascension Guide. I’m about to show you how, using the profound wisdom contained within the Soul Purpose System, you can learn the skills you need to become an Oracle, guiding others on their awakening paths. While empowering yourself with the key foundational knowledge you need to start and grow your spiritually based business, so you can achieve financial and soul freedom through doing something you LOVE.  

If you want to activate your divine gifts, but you also need practical, tangible skills and a proven spirit-based business model that will allow you to earn £15K+ in your first year easily - then this opportunity is for you.  

Because this course not only activates your intuitive gifts but also sets you up with an ongoing business, the value of this certification course is easily £5k+. However, I've discounted it to just £1,500 to encourage more people to help birth The New Human Blueprint into the world and support with the mass awakening happening on our planet

This investment is just 10% of the cost that you'll be able to make back in your first year as a certified Quantum Creation Oracle! And if you follow all of the steps and guidance I share with you throughout the course, you'll get access to the special Bonus Training for Certified Quantum Creation Oracles, which will enable you to earn an additional £5k per year as well as giving you the tools and skills to upgrade your client's Soul Blueprints too! 

I'll be holding a masterclass on 20th February where I'll be sharing more about what it's like to be an Oracle, guiding others on their evolutionary journeys (scroll down to find out more about the Unlock Your Higher Guidance Masterclass). The last time we did something like this we had a lot of applications for the Code of the Oracle and spaces filled up quickly!  

So if you're feeling called, and you want to secure a spot to speak to my team of trained Ascension Guides and see whether the Code of the Oracle would be right for you - fill out our quick (3 min) application form now to get to the front of the queue!  

"Thank you Ariella. Words cannot express my gratitude. I am so BLOWN AWAY by the depth of this system " -Marianna

Are you ready to TRUST IN YOUR SOUL and make an impact with your intuitive gifts through learning how to guide and empower others on their Ascension journeys?  

Fill out your application today (it should take you no more than 3 minutes) and we'll be in touch if we think you'd be a good fit for the training so you can ask us any questions and we can assign one of the certification training places to you!

Here are the benefits YOU can access if you decide to join and become a QUANTUM CREATION ORACLE:  

  • You become a key advisor to others on their Ascension Journey 
  • You’ll activate your own intuitive gifts 
  • You’ll discover lots of revelations about yourself &&others 
  •  You get to work with Spirit every day 
  • You’ll join a higher purpose and calling 
  • You get to be in massive service to the Divine 
  • The readings are so good they naturally attract others to you 
  • You can earn £15k + in your first year! (+ £5k more when you get certified…)  

The truth is, it’s divinely written for you to make good money expressing your deepest gifts. That’s how Source created it.  

Your personal freedom does NOT come from bank managers, or your manager, or corporations… It comes from you being connected to Source - through your soul blueprint.  

And the process I’ll be taking my Certified Oracles through will help you to build and strengthen your intuition and guidance, nourishing your connection to your soul and Spirit, helping you to become competent and confident as a guide and advisor to others. 

With the information, activations, tools and strategies contained within this course, you’ll have everything you need to create the freedom and abundance you deserve through doing what you know you came here to do - guiding and helping others on their journey.  


  • The skills you need to offer Spiritual guidance to others (becoming an Oracle) 
  • How to enhance and activate your own intuitive channel, helping you to bring forth guidance from your Soul, Source and Higher Consciousness 
  • Deeper insight into your own Soul Purpose Profile and further illumination regarding your path  
  • Everything you need to begin offering Soul Purpose readings to others - which can also act as a highly attractive magnet - so that a deeper journey can be offered after clients have an initial reading 
  • Strategies to start earning money from your readings and guidance  
  • The tools you need to work from where you want, whenever you want! Join the wonderful world of the mystical digital nomads :)  



  • Energy activation, clearing and attunement
  • Understanding the Soul Blueprint and other names
  • Transmission: Creation Codes 1 - 9


  • Transmission: Creation Codes 10 - 22
  • How to score the profile and come into Divine alignment
  • Ariella upgrades your Soul Blueprint  


  • Connect with your intuition
  • Detecting the 5 Source energy types
  • Detecting the 7 stages of Ascension  


  • How to give full readings to clients
  • Pricing and technical support
  • How to make £15k+ in your first year

PLUS, once you've completed the course and gained your certification, you unlock a Bonus training which will help you earn an extra £5k per year as I teach you how to upgrade and restore the Soul Blueprint to the Quantum Human Blueprint!

And when you complete the course, you'll receive a professional certification and be able to work with clients and the Soul Purpose system to attract abundance easily.  

"So grateful to be part of the Oracle Certification programme. It just gets better and better. There are so many intricacies to this system and the Bonus Training is just the icing on the cake. " -Marian


  • An energy attunement to access the higher guidance and wisdom of an Oracle 
  • Full immersion into understanding the meanings of the 22 Creation Codes 
  • How to give professional Soul Purpose readings including sharing people’s gifts, challenges, goals and Soul Destiny 
  • Birth name profile training 
  • How the other names someone uses affects their reality 
  • Training on how to guide clients so they can come into flow and alignment with their Soul Profile, so they can activate the codes found in their Soul Blueprint and align with the forces of synchronicity  
  • Detecting and giving guidance about which stage someone is at on the 7 stages of Ascension 
  • How to understand where someone is in their Soul Cycle and provide illumination about what their Soul is wanting them to focus on so they can come into alignment now with their highest destiny 
  • As well as training on how to attract clients and create your own business so you can start to earn money immediately as an Oracle & &uide to others on their awakening paths  

On completion of the programme, there will be a further training to give you the knowledge (and energetic transmission) so that you can help to restore other people’s Soul Blueprints. To support your understanding of the Soul Purpose System and giving spiritual guidance to others, several bonuses are also included in the certification programme.  


  • DNA Code Illuminations (£444) 10 hours+ of pre-recorded videos which provide detailed explanations of the 22 Creation Codes in the Soul Purpose System will help you to begin to understand the system and how it works.  
  • Soul Cycles Video + eGuide (£222) Understand Personal Years in Numerology to help you with advising clients on where they are in their Soul Cycle.  
  • Access to the private Code of the Oracle FB group (priceless) Get support and advice from other Quantum Creation Oracles to help guide you as you learn how to build your business giving spiritual guidance to others.  

  Here's what some of our first qualified Quantum Creation Oracles had to say about the training:  

"The more you delve into the Soul Blueprint Reading System the more you find out who you truly are... This course has opened up my life and has given me the courage to serve others... Anyone who is contemplating doing The Code of the Oracle Certification Course do it!!! You will not regret it. " - Lorraine

The Application Process

  • Due to the limited number of places available, we ask all applicants to fill out a short application form (it should take you no longer than 3 minutes to complete!) to help us understand whether we think you would be a good fit for the course.
  • We'll review your application and be in touch to let you know whether you've been selected to have a call with us.  
  • If you're invited to book a call, that means we think you might be a good fit for the training and it's also a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions that you might have.  
  • On the call, if we think you're a good fit, you'll then be offered one of the available places.  

Do you have questions? Check out the FAQs below. 

Unlock Your Higher Guidance Tap into your intuitive wisdom, discover your divine gifts, and become a guiding light for others

Live Masterclass 20 February @ 6pm London/10am Pacific

Tapping into, listening, and following your higher guidance is the key that will help you align with your Soul’s Purpose.  

You already have all of the guidance you need inside of you. It’s your guidance that will help you to unlock your divine gifts and release the flow of your higher abundance in the world...  

EVERYTHING opens up when you learn how to clearly connect. It not only gives you the confidence to take aligned action in your own life, but when you unlock your intuition, you can be a guiding light to others on their evolutionary journeys, too.  

If you want to know more about how you can unlock your OWN intuitive gifts, join me for a special Masterclass, designed to help you connect with YOUR Higher Guidance, and experience the magick of tapping into your intuitive gifts so you can receive clear direction and guidance from your Soul. I'll also be sharing more about what it's like to be an Oracle, guiding others on their paths, so if you are considering the Code of the Oracle certification course, this would be a great Masterclass for you to join and find out more! 

Sign up for your free place to the Masterclass here 

FAQS Tell me more about the Soul Purpose System The Soul Purpose System has its roots in ancient Hebrew Gematria, the Kabbalah, numerology, the Light Language and Egyptian mythology. Through this incredible system much can be decoded about why it is that you have chosen to be incarnated, including your challenges, talents, goals and overall Soul Destiny, bringing much needed clarity and guidance for those on the Ascension path.  

The Soul Purpose System underpins all of my work with clients, and I personally have experienced the incredible healing, guidance and support having access to this information can provide. Find out more on my website here.  

I’m interested in the course but I don’t know what my intuitive gifts are - can I still join? Yes! We ALL have intuitive gifts! They just need activating 🙂

We ask everyone to complete a short application form so that we can ensure the limited places are given to those who are the best fit for the programme. 

If you feel drawn, I would highly recommend that you apply.  

The programme will help you to tap into, and strengthen, your connection to your intuition and higher guidance. Just like using muscles or expressing our creativity, it takes practice and time for us to build up our strength, connection and clarity to our own intuition. 

I believe everything happens for a reason. You were guided to this page for a reason. In the moment we never feel confidence (that comes afterwards) - we only have courage. If you are feeling drawn, I encourage you to have faith and belief in yourself.  

I’m very interested but I want to know more before I apply. Can I talk to someone on your team? We will be reaching out to speak with applicants who we think would be a good fit for the course, so don’t hesitate to apply if you are feeling called.  

Where will the Oracle Certification Programme training be held? The training will include 4 pre-recorded online workshops with me, plus 2 LIVE Q&A calls. All the content will also be added into a platform so you can access the recordings FOREVER if you miss the Q&A dates, or wish to re-watch the information at any time.

What will this training and certification enable me to do? On completion of the training, you will be fully equipped to give professional Soul Purpose readings to clients. The programme will assist you to activate your own intuitive channel so that you can gain clear higher guidance for both yourself and others. You will also be trained on how to attract clients and create a business so that you can earn money as an Oracle giving spiritual guidance to others on their Ascension journeys.  

Please note that this is not a course on counselling, and you will not be a qualified counsellor by completing the Certification Programme.  

What is the total investment for the Oracle Certification programme? When you decide to join this powerful online training, Ariella will train you to become an Oracle Reader, able to read someone’s Soul Blueprint and let them know where they are on their ascension journey. You'll have access to the training forever and you'll also hapy the opportunity to take part in LIVE Q&A calls where you can get your questions answered by Ariella. Additional training materials and handouts will also be provided.  

The total investment for the programme is £1,500, and there is also a payment plan available.  


  • DNA Code Illuminations (£444) 10 hours+ of pre-recorded videos which provide detailed explanations of the 22 Creation Codes in the Soul Purpose System will help you to begin to understand the system and how it works.  
  • Soul Cycles Video + eGuide (£222) Understand Personal Years in Numerology to help you with advising clients on where they are in their Soul Cycle.  
  • Access to the private Code of the Oracle FB group (priceless) Get support and advice from other Quantum Creation Oracles to help guide you as you learn how to build your business giving spiritual guidance to others.  
  • Total value: £2,166 Total investment: £1,500 

The course will give you the know-how to create £15k in your first year after completing the course.